THEDI LEATHERS products all come with the result of decades of experience and passion for leather processing. Since the foundation in 1979 by Theodoros Pampoukas, Thedi Leathers company reflecting quality, innovation and individuality. With a whole lot of love and affection, the Thedi Leathers products are designed and produced by hand with the highest care using first grade materials. Made in Thessaloniki, Greece.

1860 - John B. Stetson used primitive felting techniques to create a water repellent hat to protect him from the elements. This was the birth of a Western hat that became the symbol of the Wild West and the birth of JOHN B. STETSON Company, founded in 1865 as well. Since 1998, the Cologne based company Friedrich W. Schneider GmbH has the license for Europe and produces a large part of the hats in Germany.

KYTONE Motorcycle Apparel is a young brand located in the south of France. The philosophy based on quality products that are comfortable and durable. All Kytone's products combine authenticity, style and function. The right brand for a long road trip.
The quality and attention to detail are in the heart of the design to ensure a just and lasting product, not only for riders.

Harry Brack is an Berlin based artist. He studied graphic design, specalized in illustration and silk screen printing. Since 1993, when he founded his brand BRACK KUSTOM GRAPHICS, he creates custom designs for rock bands, clothing brands and for the hot rod and motorcycle culture. His greatest inspiration today comes from the subculture wich he’s a part of it.
With his passion and a high demand for the result, he produces limited editions that become collector's items. Like the collections he designs for Stetson.

ONDURA is a one man army. Founded by Leens Jan Ondra in 2013 and based in Bünde Westfalen a small town in Germany. The fast-fashion industry in which he worked was sickening Leens. When he could not find a wallet he was happy with, he simply made one himself - Ondura was born. The products he creates are the perfect melding of the life he leads. The materials he uses are mainly sourced from within Germany. The Ondura philosophy is deeply influenced by minimalistic lifestyle. Fuck off fast fashion business. Be smart and conscious, buy less but more chosen quality.

HESTRA was founded in 1936 by Martin Magnusson in the Swedish province of Småland. Magnusson began to produce durable gloves made of elk leather for the local loggers. In short time, the Magnusson family gained a reputation which led to Hestra's worldwide recognition through the introduction of its functional and robust gloves that are worn by the Norwegian and Swedish national ski teams, amongst others. The company is managed by the third generation of Magnussons and still stands for functional and warming quality at a good price - performance ratio. 

Tony Patella and Pete Searson are friends for two decades and they had always an affinity for all things well crafted and authentic. After working in the apparel industry for 20 years, it was time to took things into their own hands and made something that stood up to their personal waterline, so to speak. A proper pair of men's jeans was the answer. What came up with was a range of jeans they are proud of: great fits, beautiful fabric from Cone Mills' White Oak plant in Greensboro, North Carolina that is cut and sewn in San Francisco, California

It's a young Italien fashion brand, founded by the artist Davide Biondi. HEN'S TEETH originates from the wish to realize a timeless standard kit of cloths, anything you need contained in a bag. It is based on what history has always considered immortal icons, articles of clothing which are not temporary and, above all, strictly “Made in Italy”.

"I’d like to keep on doing my work, as it is my passion, improving, expanding my knowledge and especially to never stop researching." Davide Biondi

FIT & CRAFT is a small batch clothing company, based in Thessaloniki, Greece. They crafting one of a kind, timeless pieces that cross seasonal boundaries and fast trends. Behind Fit & Craft is Konstantinos Michos, founder and designer. His two decades of experience in designing garments lead him to create his own small batch company expressing his knowledge and creativity. It’s all about the fit. The most crucial aspect for Konstantinos. That’s why every piece is crafted with extreme care in details and hand finishing, providing the best fit.

The ROKKER Company believes that passion to ride a motorcycle is inseparable from style and only a strong belief creates uniqueness that will stand the test of time. They are uncompromising regarding the combination of the best materials with the appreciation of esthetics. And they will always concentrate on highest quality and fine details. Unique in this sense is the brand from Switzerland because they understand that the feeling of freedom is to be safe and comfortable on a bike as well as looking good between the rides.

DMD Helmets, founded 1975 is a family-owned and operated motorcycle helmet company based out of Bergamo, Italy. Known in Italy and Europe since 2007 for their Vintage Style helmets that feature modern materials and safety (including a DOT-certified rating).
Today DMD is the market leader in the Vintage helmet business because it found the way to improve the original 70's shell design, matching it with all the modern safety standard.

Schott NYC is an American clothing manufacturing company located in New York City. The company was founded in 1913 by brothers Irving and Jack Schott. Schott NYC was the first company to put a zipper on a jacket and they created the classic Perfecto motorcycle jacket which was made popular by films such as The Wild One (1953). The company made clothing for the United States Armed Forces during World War II. Schott NYC is still owned by the Schott family and still manufacture much of their clothing in the United States. 

In 1958 the Flight Goggle 58, now known as the AO Original Pilot Sunglass was produced for the US military to provide pilots with maximum protection, optical performance and comfort. Right to the present time, the Original Pilot is still being manufactured by American Optical in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

In fact the Original Pilot Sunglass was honored to be the first ever sunglass to land on the moon worn by Commander Neil Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11 in 1969.

The Chippewa Shoe Mfg. Co. was established in 1901 by J. B. Piotrowski and John Andrejski. Named after Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, a small logging town located in the upper Midwest United States. In the same decade Ford Motor Company was founded and the Wright brothers took their first flight. 1984 Justin Brands, a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. company, acquired Chippewa Shoe Mfg. Co. Justin Brands is the largest and one of oldest continuously run domestic boot manufacturers in the United States.

Founder of PassionFrance is Wolfgang Lantelme. He‘s a passionate enthusiast of knives. He has formed a network between major knifemakers located in France. The selection includes the full range of local pocket knives which come from different generations of artisans from all over France. The Laguiole knife, with its many variations, is probably the most famous knife. Knives like the Douk Douk have made history. Forged by hand, each knife tells its own story and follows a long tradition.

If you want to make Aloha shirts in the Aloha spirit then ›sustainability‹ becomes a no-brainer. The very concept of Aloha speaks of awe and respect for people and nature alike. Micky Oye shirts are produced consciously and caringly. Micky Oye celebrates the Aloha tradition. They are super serious about their craft. From the textiles via the tailoring right down to the details: every Micky Oye shirt is authentic, conscious and first class. 

Pike Brothers specializes in the production of authentic outdoor and workwear of the early 20th century. Authentic means producing garments in exactly the same way as in the original period. The garments are more than the sum of fabric, patterns and accessories. They have a story to tell, the story of who they are and where they come from.

Inspired by the Californian skater lifestyle of the late 70s, the Spirit of 76 brand has stood for high-quality sock and stocking products manufactured in Germany since 2012.
The production of socks takes place in a traditional, German family business, which brings the necessary know-how through many years of experience and optimally complements their philosophy.

Keith and Rob, the founders of the Belgian brand EAT DUST, have decades of experience by the denim industry. Along with this they combine a solid friendship, a passion for motorbikes, good music and the eternal search for a good time. This all gets poured into Eat Dust resulting in a collection of garments and accessories that exude authenticity and originality. They’re not into making fashion, this is about proper garments that will stand the test of time. 

The company was formed in 1889 by Henry David Lee as the HD LEE Mercantile Company at Salina, Kansas producing dungarees and jackets. The growth of Lee was prompted by the introduction of the Union-All work jumpsuit in 1913 and their first overall in 1920. Worn by movie stars like Marlon Brando in 1953’s “The Wild One” and James Dean in 1955’s “East of Eden” and “Rebel Without a Cause,” jeans became a symbol of American youth, boosting sales dramatically.

Alexandra Lier is a successful creative director and a good friend for many years. Just as long she is dedicating herself to her biggest passion - the speed racing. It all began in 1999 when she met the famous hot rod photographer David Perry at the Bonneville Speedweek. The result was a verve for fast cars which will last forever. Her Brand SPEEDSEEKERS features her photographs and videos of people who are passionate about cars, motorcycles and garages.