Established 1901 in the same decade Ford Motor Company was founded and the Wright brothers took
their first flight, the Chippewa Shoe Manufacturing Co. was established by J. B. Piotrowski and John
Andrejski. Named after Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, a small logging town located in the upper Midwest
United States. Soon after the company's inception, demand for the rugged boots from the local logging
community increased and the company relocated from the founders original workshop to a 5 story
facility on River St. in downtown. 1984 Justin Brands, a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. company, acquired
Chippewa Shoe Mfg. Co. Justin Brands is the largest and one of oldest continuously run domestic
boot manufacturers in the United States. Justin Brands is the recognized leader in Western and
Outdoor footwear.
Original Chippewa is one of the last high-quality footwear manufacturers in the U.S.